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Big court win at border as illegals now have to be processed in Mexico

big court win


A Federal appeals court has given President Trump and the American people that don’t want the U.S. to become a Central America shithole country a big court win.

The appeals court ruled the Trump administration can keep sending the asylum seekers/illegal invaders back to Mexico for processing. This should deter most of those that are being told hey if you can get to America they will release you. Then who is ever going to find you in Los Angeles, Chicago, El Paso you name the big city.

President Trump celebrated the big court win on Twitter this morning.

Big Court win at our Southern Border! We are getting there-and Wall is being built!

Brandon Judd the President of the National Border Patrol Council said this morning on Fox News that the big court ruling is a “game changer.”¬† “The major magnet that draws people to cross the border and break our laws is they know they are going to be released once they get her. If they are not allowed to stay nobody is going to come here anymore”

Now that may be overly optimistic but this should deter the caravans if they have to make the trek across Mexico even with bus help from the Mexicans with no hope of staying in the U.S. why would they want to stay in Mexico? And Mexico is not going to let them stay either they actually enforce their immigration laws.

Thank God for President Trump at least there is one person in Washington that is actually serious about doing something about the illegal invasion at our Southern Border. Imaging what he could do with some help.

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