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Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren tells Iowan’s they are having bad weather and she can help with Climate Change legislation

bad weather



Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren is coming to the rescue of Iowan’s by telling them they are having bad weather and she can help. Because we have a moral responsibility to act on climate change.

You can understand why the fake Indian is pandering on such a crucial issue. She sounds more like Barack Hussein Obama in making statements that if she is elected she can do something to solve bad weather. Next thing you know she is going to explain how she can slow the raising  sea levels and stop icebergs from melting.

Pocahontas has fallen well behind Creepy Joe Biden and Crazy Bernie Sanders and in most polls even is trailing the gayest dude you could ever imagine gay Mayor Pete. She is beating Spartacus and the fake Latino Robert Francis ‘Beto’ O’Rourke but that is not saying much. Twitter savaged the fake Indian for claiming she could fix  bad weather.


The last tweet says “climate has been changing since the beginning of time” . This has been my argument forever regarding the fake climate crisis. Pocahontas nor any of the Democrats are God. Obama thought he was but he wasn’t and isn’t. Only God can change the climate and only God can stop bad weather. Any Democrat claiming they can do one thing about bad weather is only pandering to people who are suffering mightily.

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