Addressing the elephant in the room

Advertiser is angry their commercial ended up on Tucker Carlson show viewers are repugnant and at odds with their mission and values

babbel USA



In case you are wanting to learn a foreign language maybe if you are conservative you should look to someone other than Babbel USA. The company is upset their advertising which they knew would be on Fox News appeared on the Tucker Carlson show. The viewers of that show are apparently “repugnant and at odds with our mission and values”. Babbel USA says they will be blacklisting the show.

Babbel USA went to Twitter to apologize to their users. By the way do only liberals buy language software? Just wondering that is what they must assume.

“If you saw our ad on Tucker Carlson’s show, you’re right to be upset. We are too. While we did place our ad with Fox, we did not know it would air on a show so repugnant and at odds with our mission and values. We are blacklisting the show going forward. We are deeply sorry.”

The language software company must have imbeciles in their advertising department. First of all the market has to be limited for language software. Most Americans are content with English as a language and resentful of illegals invading our country and insisting we speak Spanish. They have now taken their limited market language program and cut the market in half. Congratulations Babbel USA.

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