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Eight year old AOC impersonator is back says she calls it Green New Deal because she is still learning her colors

AOC impersonator


Eight year old AOC impersonator is back and funnier than ever. Comedian Ava Martinez, from Rancho Santa Margarita, says she named her climate hoax plan the Green New Deal because she is still learning her colors.

‘I call it the Green New Deal because I’m still learning my colors,’ the little girl says as she rips into the New York congresswoman.

She goes on to claim we have to stop sea levels from rising – or she won’t be able to drive to Hawaii any more.

Ava adds that she decided to talk about the issue after watching a very important ‘documentary’ – Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

Throughout the clip, posted on Twitter on Monday, the little girl is sat inside a pink car – which she claims is ‘electric’ and ‘eco-friendly’, and bought with campaign donations.

She ends the imitation by saying ‘goodnight Venezuela’ and drinking from a gigantic Starbucks coffee cup.

Martinez has made two other videos where she mocks the dimwit Socialist AOC the last one taking a stab at the college admissions scandal saying she hopes it helps her get into Harvard. You have to admit the AOC impersonator is more fun to listen to than the real deal.

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