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Unemployment at 49 year low with unexpected 263,000 Jobs added in April

49 year low


President Trump is getting a “Whole lotta Love” as unemployment has reached a 49 year low. April jobs report added an unexpected 263,000 jobs. I would say winning is getting old but it is not of course.

What did Barack Hussein Obama say to Trump during the campaign about “waving a magic wand’? It appears President Trump has done exactly that. What it is called Obama is releasing Government regulations and restrictions and getting the hell out-of-the-way.

The April jobs numbers far exceeded the 180,000 estimated by economists surveyed by Econoday and follows a better than expected surge in April. Economists had expected the unemployment rate to hold steady at 3.8 percent.

President Trump went to Twitter to tout the economic numbers and 49 year low unemployment. America is once again the envy of the world. This is why the Democrats are committing political suicide by continuing to talk about the failed witch hunt.

Barack Hussein Obama the former (thank God) President told us not to expect a GDP anymore over 2%. This week the April figure was 3.3.% exceeding expectations. Obama in the video above warned that some jobs just aren’t coming back and folks need to learn another job. Obama asked if Trump is going to wave a magic wand. And who are you going to negotiate with. Apparently Trump knew the answers and it included not bowing to every thug on earth.

Now Trump is getting a “Whole lotta Love” a top 100 hit from 1969 the last year unemployment was this low.

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