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Trump mocks Democrats “scared to death of the bartender” says if I lose on Green New Deal I deserve to lose




The unplugged version of President Trump spoke at a fundraiser for the National Republican Congressional Committee and he was on fire. The President said Democrats are scared to death, “petrified” of a “young bartender”, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and her Green New Deal.

The President also said if he gets beat because of the Green New Deal then he deserves to lose.

The President also mocked the ugly assed (he didn’t say that my opinion) windmills scattered across our country as bird killers and property value destroyers. But he spoke truth when he said the Democrats are scared to death of the bartender.

The president also offered up this warning on “the power of socialism to get a vote” and told the gathered Republicans that “We have to explain how bad it really is”:

Trump is an equal opportunity mocker something Washington and the Democrats definitely are not used to and he set his sights on Creepy Joe Biden. Said “are you having fun yet Joe.

The fear of the bartender is real on the Democrat side. When speaking about the Green New Deal recently AOC said if no one else is going to care about the environment then “I’m the boss now. Nancy Pelosi is for sure scared of the Freshman Representatives. She has a Jew hating Muslim Ilhan Omar that can’t seem to keep her hatred in check. When the House was set to smack her hands AOC stepped in. Instead of kicking her off a committee the House instead condemned all hate speech and singled out white supremacy. 

Forgot all about Jew hating.

Yes I would say the President is correct. Democrats are “petrified” of the young bartender. And it is going to destroy their party.


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