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60 Believers brutally beaten in China guarding church then officials loot and block entrance

true Jesus church



Take notice of what is happening in China where 60 believers were brutally beaten guarding True Jesus Church> The reason I say take notice is this is where America is heading. With a majority of millennial’s preferring Socialism and a large number of Americans professing atheism it is only a matter of time our churches are destroyed.

On January 4th  60 vehicles approached true Jesus church in Shangqiu city in central China’s Henan Province. The group  blocked off the intersections leading to the church. The authorities claimed that the church was in contact with foreign countries, which made it illegal and thus should be shut down.

More than 60 believers at True Jesus church had been guarding the facility for 3 months and 100 police officers trampled a fence and entered the Church.

“As soon as they entered the church, they smashed the donation box and pocketed the money, which totaled thousands of RMB. They also questioned us about where all of our church’s money was kept,” said a member of the congregation.

The believer added that unable to find the money, officials ordered plainclothes police officers to remove the surveillance cameras inside the church, and then violently attacked the believers. Fifteen believers were beaten to the ground, moaning in pain.

Some of the believers at True Jesus church took photos but their cell phones were confiscated. The authorities dug a pit and buried Bibles and hymn books and confiscated anything of value including speakers,  washing machine, piano and speakers.

Members say the excuse that the True Jesus church was in contact with foreign countries was just an excuse to confiscate  the facility and use it later on for a Government run nursing home.

This is what is coming to America if we do not fight back against Socialism. Yes China is Communist but the only difference between Socialism and Communism is the Government hasn’t sent the tanks yet to take your church.

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