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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does what Democrats do immediately went to gun control after San Diego synagogue shooting

synagogue shooting



Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just could not help it her liberal indoctrination sent her right to gun control after the San Diego synagogue shooting and she was blasted on Twitter for doing so.

Sunday one woman was killed protecting the Rabbi of Chabad of Poway Synagogue.

Authorities said the 19-year-old gunman opened fire as about 100 people were worshipping exactly six months after a mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Rabbi Yishoel Goldstein said he was preparing for a service and heard a loud sound, turned around and a saw a young man wearing sunglasses standing in front of him with a rifle.

“I couldn’t see his eyes. I couldn’t see his soul,” Goldstein said. He raised his hands and lost one of his fingers in the shooting.

And then, Goldstein said, “miraculously the gun jammed.”

Before the dead were even buried at the San Diego synagogue shooting AOC reverted to her Socialist training and whipped out …..gun control. She injected a Senate bill for background checks HR8. Of course she did not mention that the shooter was  antisemitic or question if her Freshman cohort Ilhan Omar‘ antisemitic rhetoric might have inspired the shooting.

As you can see the Twitter world was not happy with the dingbat Freshman representative. Really we should give her a break. She is really not smart enough to think of these things on her own. She is just spewing the vomit her handlers tell her to spew.

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