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Sleepy Joe Biden earning his nickname with first campaign speech

sleepy joe biden



President Trump welcomed Sleepy Joe Biden to the campaign 5 days ago. I prefer the name Creepy Joe since the dude is a chronic #MeToo moment. Ok maybe there is no evidence of him having relations with other women but lets just say don’t get too close to Creepy Joe. Anyways back to the Presidents label of Sleepy Joe Biden. Watch the video below it appears he is greatly boring a young dude in the VIP section of his latest rally.

Biden and Crazy Bernie Sanders two old white dudes lead the party of diversity by a long shot for the 2020 Presidential nomination. The gayest dude you could ever think of Mayor Pete is third and he is not even close. A search party may have to go out for Pocahontas and the fake Latino Robert Francis O’Rourke.

Biden apparently couldn’t even articulate a 27 minute speech without slurs and mispronounced words. President Trump at his rallies is just getting warmed up after 45 minutes. Sleepy Joe Biden seems as appropriate as Creepy Joe. They are really one in the same. 

As you can see Twitter was not too kind to Sleepy Joe Biden. We will see if he can actually stay awake long enough to actually wage a campaign against President Trump. Trump said last week that he is a “vibrant young man I don’t know about Joe. We will see.

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