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Saturday Night Live skit mocks Jussie Smollett with claim of new attack

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Saturday Night Live took their turn savaging former Empire actor Jussie Smollett with a new fake hate crime. The actor is delusional and should be going to prison or at the very least paying the $130,000 fine Rahm Emanuel has sent him for the police chasing down his assertion that two men in MAGA hats beat him up and called him homosexual slurs.

Turns out he made it all up and paid two Nigerian brothers to do the acting. There is even footage of him buying the supplies for the attacks with the Nigerians but charges were dropped by the prosecutor who is friends with Michelle Obama top aide.

In the sketch, Chris Redd’s Smollett is two hours late for a meeting between Empire head Lee Daniels (played by Kenan Thompson) and the actor’s agent, played by SNL host Sandra Oh. When the actor did finally show up, he’s sporting a black eye and a Make America Great Again hat.

The actor then presented a “bag of clues” to help producers find his “killer,” including Crest White Strips, three wooden K’s and a purple Teletubby doll. “Ooh, the gay one,” Smollett noted.

The meeting ended with both Empire producers and his agent firing Smollett, but the actor then busted back into the conference room with a neck brace and more excuses.

The Saturday Night Live skit comes as Chris Rock mocked the former Empire actor on the NAACP awards calling Smollett “a waste of white skin” and saying “what was he thinking”?

What he was thinking was of himself and how to advance his career. And absent of repercussions he and others will do this again. That Saturday Night Live got right.

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