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Nancy Pelosi slams Trump plan to ship illegals to her sanctuary sh**thole city is “disrespectful

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Nancy Pelosi slams President Trump’s plan to ship illegal invaders to sanctuary cities like her shithole city of San Francisco. Who knows they might even improve San Francisco that gives visitors poop maps so they don’t step in the many piles of human poop.

Senior White House adviser Steven Miller is being described as a “hardliner” for suggesting several times in the past months that the illegal invaders should be bused to sanctuary cities because they already are set up to welcome them with open arms.

The Washington Post reported Thursday that the plan to ship the caravans of illegal immigrants has been suggested at least twice in the past six months by Steven Miller. Miller made the suggestion to Homeland Security and ICE officials. I love it even though it was simply a matter of discussion and never proposed as a bill of official idea.

The Post said the idea of shipping the invaders to sanctuary cities was not serious and just talked about. That is until Trump thought about it again today apparently.

After Rush Limbaugh discussed the story and said it was a great idea the President went to Twitter to stir the fire.

Trump said first “Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, we are indeed as reported, giving strong considerations to placing illegal immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only..” He went on to say “The Radical Left always seems to have Open Borders, Open Arms policy-so this should make them very happy!”

Well Nancy Pelosi wasn’t very happy she said the idea was disrespectful. So Ms. MS13 are all God’s children doesn’t want them dropped off at her doorstep?

Pelosi was asked Friday about the proposal and said it was “just another notion that is unworthy of the president of the United States and disrespectful of the challenges we face.”

What is Pelosi and the Democrats doing about the challenges that we face? What are they doing about the record 100,000 illegals crossing the Southern Border in March? What are they doing about the disease carrying rapist invading our country? Not a darn thing. And that is not only disrespectful but a dereliction of duty. So until you do something madam Speaker they should be dropped off right at your San Francisco mansion.

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