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Rashida Tlaib leads hundreds in Detroit in support of Green New Deal

Rashida Tlaib


Representative Rashida Tlaib joined Dr. Abdul El-Sayed to push the Green New Deal climate changes hoax to hundreds of followers this week in Detroit. Tlaib has been the quietest of the radical threesome of AOC, Omar and herself after calling for impeaching the mother f**ker at here campaign rally after winning her seat in the House.

“We don’t think this is bold or radical. This is our life every single day as we walk out the door,” Tlaib said to a crowd at the Bonstelle Theatre in Detroit. “If there’s anybody that deserves a seat at the table, it is us. We are on the frontlines every single day in Wayne County and Metro Detroit.”

After AOC and co-sponsor Ed Markey introduced the 14 page Green New Deal President Trump mocked as a “bad High School term paper” Democrats have taken to the streets to support the Green New Deal including Rashida Tlaib. Mayor Pete the gayest man anyone can imagine has spouted off about climate change being an issue that has to be addressed even though even scientist say it is a hoax.

According to the Detroit News  about 400 people gathered for the Detroit tour stop, which focused on sustainable water infrastructure, building green jobs in the automotive industry and poverty elimination.

Tlaib kicked off the event, sharing her personal story about how polluted air and water affected her growing up in southwest Detroit.

“When I talk about the Green New Deal, our right to breathe clean air, clean water, I always say to people ‘you want to see what doing nothing looks like, come to the neighborhood I grew up in,’ ” Tlaib said, “where I smelled like hydrosulphide from playing outside, a rotten egg smell.”

The congresswoman said one of five children has asthma in her district. And “there’s three times the high rate of asthma hospitalization among adults in one of my ZIP codes. When they say there’s 12 years (to cut emissions in half), I say our 12 years is here today. When you think about Wayne County and Metro Detroit, it is here today,” she said.

Democrats including Mayor Pete, Pocahontas, Rashida Tlaib, and most of the 2020 Democrat field for President are pushing climate change as a life or death issue even though scientist have proven it is a complete hoax. The only thing to conclude is Al Gore has cut them in on the profits to promote the hoax.

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