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Politico laments “Sorry Democrats your leaders are all Socialist”




Politico today points out the obvious with headline “Sorry Democrats your leaders are all Socialist.” With Crazy Bernie Sanders leading in the polls with Creepy Joe Biden who has yet to officially announce. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is leading the agenda of the remaining 2020 candidates for President the Socialist takeover of the Democrat party is complete.

Crazy Bernie Sanders is taking heat from Democrats for appearing on Fox News something mainstream Democrats haven’t done in the past. But Crazy Bernie is not a mainstream Democrat. He is an Independent Democratic Socialist running as a Democrat. And Democrats will do all that they can to keep him from becoming the 2020 nominee. Their worst nightmare.

In the past Democrats have been Socialist but when it came to elections they ran as progressives or moderates. It wasn’t until Crazy Bernie came so close to beating Crooked Hillary in the rigged election that Socialism came out or the woodwork.

The 29 year old former bartender who describes herself as a Democratic Socialist even though she can’t explain that has set the Democrat party on fire. Nancy Pelosi has become irritated several times referring to the Green New Deal as the Green Dream. This past weekend when asked about Socialist in the House she said “it’s like five people.” Then a few days later again being asked about the popularity of AOC, Omar, Tlaib the Freshman Socialist she said they were in solid Democrat districts ” You could run a glass of water with a D on it and win.”

Ouch somebody is pissed off.

Pelosi’s exact quote on Socialist in the House.“I do reject socialism as a economic system. If people have that view, that’s their view. That is not the view of the Democratic Party.” She dismissed the left-wing members in her caucus as, “like, five people.”

In a speech at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer expressed the same sentiment, telling the crowd that there are 62 Democratic freshmen, “not three.”

It may be true that Socialist in the House number 5 or 3 people but those people are garnering all of the attention. And they are driving the 2020 Presidential candidates to Socialistic platforms. Then you have Crazy Bernie leading in the polls. The Democrats have a Socialist mess and they don’t really like it.

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