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President Trump says sending illegals to sanctuary cities was actually “my sick idea” I love this man

my sick idea


President Trump while speaking at a campaign rally in Green Bay Wisconsin this weekend said it was “my sick idea’ to send illegals to sanctuary cities. A controversy arose a couple of weeks ago after it came out that this was an internal discussion in the White House. The idea was originally attributed to Senior Policy Adviser to Trump Stephen Miller.

This year caravan after caravan have been coming to the United States many more than the system can Process. President Trump has repeatedly called on Congress to fix the loopholes allowing them to stay in our country un-documented. While Democrats have repeatedly called on them to be able to serve as congressional staffers, vote, and unfortunately stay.

What President Trump says was my sick idea is sending the illegal invaders to Americas shithole cities called sanctuary cities. These cities such as New York, San Francisco, LA, Chicago the bigger ones that refuse to enforce Americas immigration laws. If they want illegals so bad let them have them. Some of the cities such as Chicago and Cambridge Massachusetts would welcome the illegals.  Even the gayest dude you could ever think of Mayor Pete says South Bend Indiana would welcome the illegals.

President Trump is taking heat for the idea of shipping the illegal invaders to sanctuary cities that are already shithole cities. But as he has already shown in his first two years in office heat does not bother him. He doubles down when heat comes and says it was “my sick idea.”

That’s why I love this man.

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