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Democrats are losing their minds now Mayor Pete a rising 2020 star is apologizing for saying “All Lives Matter in 2015

All lives matter



Mayor Pete of South Bend Indiana is a rising star in the 25-50 Democrats running for President in 2020. He is articulate, handsome and freaking gay. What else could a Democrat want. Now Mayor Pete is feeling the pressure of the Socialist loving wing, which is most of them, of the Democrat party. He felt yesterday that he needed to apologize for saying “All lives matter” in 2015.

Mayor Pete wasn’t up to speed that Democrats hate cops and white people don’t really matter all that much.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg was speaking at an event hosted by The REVEREND Al Sharpton at the National Action Network. A dozen Democrat candidates attended the event and had to play to the black crowd. A block they lost major votes from in 2016 and are sure to lose even more in 2020 with record low African-American unemployment. 

“And so this statement that seems anodyne and something no one could be against actually wound up being used to devalue what the Black Lives Matter movement was telling us, which is what we needed to hear because unfortunately, it was not obvious to everybody that black lives were being valued the same,” he said.

Buttigieg committed the cardinal liberal sin of saying all lives matter in a state of the City of South Bend speech in 2015. Mayor Pete was recognizing racial controversies involving police officers in the city.

“There is no contradiction between respecting the risks that police officers take every day in order to protect this community, and recognizing the need to overcome the biases implicit in a justice system that treats people from different backgrounds differently, even when they are accused of the same offenses,” Buttigieg said in his speech four years ago. “We need to take both those things seriously, for the simple and profound reason that all lives matter.”

Mayor Pete has become a millennial darling in the 2020 Democrat field even though no one has ever heard of him and they call him Mayor Pete because they cannot understand his name.

Rush Limbaugh said weeks ago to watch out for this guy because he hit all of the buttons for Democrats.

Limbaugh predicted that the “personable” Buttigieg would “make mincemeat” out of his primary rivals.

“There was no radicalism,” Limbaugh said.

A month later Mayor Pete has raised 7 Million dollars and is stuck looking like the rest of the Democrat field and apologizing for saying “all lives matter.”

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