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Rush Limbaugh says Joe Biden best chance for Democrats in 2020 but can’t win primary

Joe Biden best chance


Rush Limbaugh says Creepy Joe Biden best chance for Democrats in 2020 but he can’t win the primary. The party of diversity has two old white guys leading the race by a long shot. Rush appearing on Fox News Martha McCallum

“Here’s the thing: Joe Biden is probably the best chance they’ve got, and he doesn’t have a chance. They’re probably — Joe Biden? And crazy Bernie [Sanders]? And mayor Pete [Buttigieg]? Three white guys, two of them are brontosauruses from ‘Jurassic Park,’ and that isn’t going to sit well with the rest of this party, which has gone so far left,” Limbaugh said on “The Story with Martha MacCallum.”

Limbaugh also said Biden may not be fully committed to running in 2020.

“I don’t think, Biden is putting off his announcement, I don’t know how badly he really wants this, and you have to really want this if you are going to have any chance of winning it,” Limbaugh said.

Rush brought up the fact that Joe Biden best chance for the Democrats is set to announce his candidacy now on Thursday. He has even screwed up his Presidential announcement. Behind Biden the Democrats do not have much. Pocahontas is not going to win. Gay Mayor Pete is not going to win. Spartacus is not even on the radar.

“Pocahontas is not going to be the nominee. These Democrats are all in the process of trying to out-leftist or out-liberal each other, and they’re in a contest of who can give away the most,” Limbaugh said.

He continued, “None of this is real, none of this can happen. This is disinformation, and it is really, I think it is an indication of just how little they think of their own voters, that their own voters don’t even want to work. They don’t even want to achieve. They don’t even want to pursue excellence. They just want to have their hands out and vote for whoever is going to give them the most. What a way to ruin a life.”

Joe Biden best chance for Democrats and he can’t even decide if he wants to run. This is hilarious. The Democrat party is a train wreck.And Trump is laughing his way to re-election in 2020.

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