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Ilhan Omar says Trump threat to close the border about Racism, God help us if she and the Democrats get their way




Freshman MUSLIM Representative Ilhan Omar sure speaks the language of millennial’s. If you disagree with them you are guilty of racism. It doesn’t really matter the topic. And if you happen to be an antisemitic Muslim in Congress everything the opposition says is racism.

Our Southern border is being overtaken with a flood of illegal immigrants. Mexico who has much stronger immigration laws than the United States is more than willing to put out the welcome mat to Central Americans. Just as long as they are headed to the United States. Hell they will even provide transportation for them.

President Trump has had enough trying to work with obstructionist Democrats and last week threatened to close the Southern Border. All hell broke loose. There will be a shortage of avocados. , OH NO. There will be a shortage of tequila. How the heck will Americans live without their margaritas?

Omar responded after President Trump tweeted once again about the National Emergency at our Southern Border. “This is a fake emergency! Donald Trump is lying about the border in order to build a monument to racism.”

A wall is not racism Representative Omar. Protecting our country from illegal invaders is not racism. If we had any sense you would not be in Congress. On 9.11/2001 our country lost almost 3,000 Americans. Who were the killers? Muslims. Since then we now have three Muslims in our U.S Congress.

Protecting our country against illegal invaders with no desire to assimilate is not racism Representative Omar. It is protecting our country’s sovereignty. And if Donald Trump fails. God help us and God help the world. Because America has been a beacon that the world looks to and aspires to come to. If you and the Democrats have their way it will be just another shithole country.

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