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Democrats are the ones fueling the race war Pocahontas still sees slavery as a major issues and calls for reparations



Pocahontas still sees slavery as a major issue. And her answer for America’s sin of course is reparations.

Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren and the entire 2020 Democrat field of Presidential candidates are racing to the left like never before. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has pushed them toward political suicide. Not only does the fake Indian want to abolish the electoral college and take a major dump on the constitution. She sees slavery an act that was abolished 154 years ago (thanks to a Republican President) as a huge issue in 2019.

Pocahontas tweeted after her town hall in Jackson Mississippi regarding her proposal for making amends for slavery.  Nothing like playing to your audience. Among the 100 Trillion dollars the fake Indian proposed including the Green New Deal, Universal Child care and reparations for slavery.

“Slavery is a stain on America & we need to address it head on. I believe it’s time to start a national, full-blown conversation about reparations. I support the bill in the House to support a congressional panel of experts so that our nation can do what’s right & begin to heal”

What the hell does she mean “begin to heal”? The country has moved on from slavery Pocahontas. Blacks and whites co-exist like never before and race becomes an issue only when politicians desperate of power or Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton bring it up as an issue.

Two points that are very important on slavery that Democrats playing for votes do not mention. A large number of free blacks owned slaves possibly even equal to or greater than the number of whites owning slaves. The other thing Democrats never mention is some of the largest racist have been Democrats. Robert KKK Byrd served in the U.S. Senate for 51 years. Biggest racist in the history of the Senate possibly.

Pocahontas is bringing up slavery and reparations because the Democrat party is losing the black vote. That is the one and only reason. Why do you think they are pushing for open borders? They need a new dependent group.

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