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CNN reports Democratic Socialism provides the scenic route to serfdom

Democratic Socialism


Ask one of the United States Democratic Socialist what the problem is with Socialism, why it has failed every time it has been tried. What they will say is it hasn’t been done correctly. CNN reports that “Democratic Socialism” provides the scenic route to serfdom.

Basically the story says Democratic Socialism or Socialism “light” is still Socialism. And eventually you will need gulags and tanks to enforce taking other people’s stuff. You know confiscating their guns. Taxing them at 70-90% to pay for saving the environment, reparations, Government Run Healthcare, Free childcare for all, Free College tuition.

Something Universities have failed to instill while shoving their Socialist agenda down students throats is NOTHING IS FREE DUMB ASS. There was it that hard.

The CNN (Remember Communist News Network) story references the 1944 book “The Road to Serfdom,” Nobel prize-winning economist Friedrich Hayek argued that socialist economic planning resulted not just in accumulating losses of economic efficiency but “the very destruction of freedom itself.”

In other words Socialism and Democratic Socialism will bankrupt the economy, bankrupt you and eventually take away your freedom. Yet we now have a majority of millennial’s supporting Socialism or at least Democratic Socialism.

CNN’s view is the history was kind to the United Kingdom, Sweden, & India who all stuck their foot in the Democratic Socialism water without getting burned too bad. This is not entirely true Political Correctness which is needed to enforce Socialism is destroying the UK in their Brexit fight.

And Political correctness and the resulting Muslim problem is destroying Sweden from within. The same way it will the United States if we continue to put Antisemitic Muslims in position of power.

Socialism according to the report was not so kind to the former Soviet Union, Venezuela, Cambodia, Cuba and North Korea. Even before that today’s millennial’s have no knowledge of the suffering in East Germany. Everywhere Socialism and it’s very close cousin Communism has been tried it has failed miserably.

Because eventually if Government is going to control everything and provide everything free they are going to have to take more and more of your money in the form of taxes. And when you eventually say enough I will not give you anymore I cannot take this.

Then they break out the tanks and open the gulags. So wake TFU millennial’s the Government cannot give you everything FREE.

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