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Democrat women ok with creepy Joe Biden’s handsy behavior still leads in polls

Democrat women




A new poll shows Democrat women have no problem with creepy Joe Biden’s handsy behavior.

A Quinnipiac University survey of California voters not only shows that voters do not see the former Vice President’s creepy handsy behavior as a serious issue. A , a full 67% of women, 71% of Democrats, and 55% of Republicans do not think Biden’s touchy-feely nature should sink his 2020 chances.

“‘Let Biden be Biden,’ say California voters, clearly unconcerned about former Vice President Joe Biden’s tactile embrace of supporters,” Quinnipiac Polling assistant director Tim Malloy said.

Younger female voter do have a problem with creepy Joe sniffing hair, kissing heads rubbing noses and being an overall pervert.

“There is one noticeable generational split,” he said. “The youngest of voters are far more inclined to say, ‘hands off.'”

The poll also showed that 26% of Democratic voters in California would support Biden as the 2020 nominee, followed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders at 18%. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) trails Sanders by just one point at 17%.

Democrat women and the Democrat party are trying hard to have a diverse candidate. With a fake Indian, a homosexual, Spartacus, and a fake Latino in the race two old men near 80 still lead in the polls.

Even creepy Joe’s wife Jill said his hands on behavior gave her a little cringe factor when they first met. Jill said in her memoir creepy Joe and his sons human octopus behavior set her aback when they first met.

“I realized that physical affection played an important role in his entire family,” she writes, explaining that Biden and his two sons “never wanted to miss a chance to hold a hand, wrap their arms around each other, or give a kiss.”

“I sometimes found all that affection draining,” she writes, but “when Joe loves, he loves hard; he’s all in.”

In his first public appearance last week since women started coming out of the woodwork recounting his creepy behavior Creepy Joe made light of the situation saying he had permission to fondle a little kid and that he preferred children.

Biden continues to lead in the polls even though he has yet to officially declare he is a candidate. When he does declare Democrat women have his back. But they better watch his hands.

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