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Cory Booker says he is in favor of term limits for the Supreme Court what about for Congress Senator?

term limits


Chris Mathews interviewed Presidential Candidate Cory Booker and the subject of the Supreme Court is still fresh on the minds of the Democrats. Booker said he would be in favor of term limits for the Supreme Court. Of course Matthews was throwing softballs and did not follow up with are you in favor of term limits for Congress?

Booker who had a Spartacus moment during the debate over Brett Kavanaugh said he was open to a debate on the Supreme Court. The court has been another institution that Democrats want to screw up since President Trump is appointing conservatives. but the Supreme Court is the least of our problems. Term limits for Congress would serve the country better.

I read something that said the problem isn’t who can possibly serve 8 years in the White House. It is the people who have a full career in Congress. Below are the longest serving members of the United States Senate. Representative Don Young is the longest serving member of the House of Representatives he has served 46 years.

This is no badge of honor. The United States Congress was never meant to be a career move. The original politicians sacrificed to serve in Congress. They took pay cuts and they didn’t want to stay there long. Now Cory Booker and Nancy Pelosi go and stay forever and get rich in Congress. It is time for term limits in Congress.

Patrick Leahy 44 years

Chuck Grassley 44 years

Ed Markey 42 years

Richard Shelby 40 years

Ron Wyden 38 years

Pat Robers 38 years

Chuck Schumer 38 years

Dick Durbin 36 years

It is time to have a national debate over term limits for Congress. Mitch McConnell the current Senate Majority leader has served for 34 years. And Nancy Pelosi has been in office 32 years. It is time to send these crooks packing after a certain number of terms. Why should members of Congress be able to be in office longer than a President?

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