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CNN Reporter ask “Why are three white men” leading the Democratic Presidential polls, someone else has noticed that’s why creepy Joe has been revealed

three white men



CNN Reporter Nia Malika Henderson asked what someone in the Democrat party has recognized and acted upon. Three white men lead the Democratic party for 2020 Presidential candidates. For all of the talk of Diversity two old white dudes that will be 80 mid-way through their first term lead by far. And the wacky Beto O’Rourke the fake Hispanic trails the two old white dudes.

Long after the three white men comes the diversity of the brown Kamala Harris and Spartacus Cory Booker,  and the fake Indian Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren. The homosexual Mayor Pete.

The CNN reporter says she has heard from voters why are three white men leading the Democrat field and can Democrats pull any voters away from Donald Trump.

The Creepy porn star said long ago that the Democrat candidate was going to a white Male. Michael Avenatti said “I think it better be a white male.” Creepy perverted Democrats can be racist. But heaven forbid a white Republican say the same thing.

Saying Creepy led me back to my point about the three white men. Why is it all of a sudden coming out that Joe Biden is a pervert. The internet is covered with pictures of him fondling women. In photo ops. Some of them may be doctored photos. But not all. The whole country knows he is a creepy old pervert.

But it comes out now while he is leading the polls even though he has yet to formally declare.

And to top it off rumors are he is being outed by Crazy Bernie. Sounds like someone in the Democrat party is out to get two of the white males. That leaves the fake Hispanic to fight off the two brown people and the fake Indian. This should be fun.

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