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Turning Point USA Candice Owens eats Democrat Ted Lieu’s lunch as he attempts to misrepresent her as a Nazi sympathizer

Candice Owens


Representative Ted Lieu had no intention of making Turning Point USA communications Director Candice Owens feel welcome before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. The Committee invited Owens a conservative commentator to speak on the rise in hate crimes and white nationalism.

The California Democrat attempted to misrepresent Owens as a Nazi loving Republican. What a shocker that a Democrat would do that. But Owens was prepared and a good bit smarter than Lieu.

“In congressional hearings, the minority party gets to select its own witnesses. And of all the people Republicans could have selected, they picked Candace Owens,” Lieu said during the Tuesday hearing”

“I don’t know Ms. Owens. I’m not going to characterize her. I’m going to let her own words do the talking, “ he said.

In the clip, Owens, explains that she thinks the word “nationalism” has been “poisoned” by “elitist that actually want globalism: and who conflate the word with Hitler;s Nazi agenda.

Candace Owens: “I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip…That was unbelievably dishonest…I’m deeply offended by the insinuation of revealing that clip without the question that was asked of me.”

Ms. Owens response prompted a rebuke from Chairman Jerry Nadler who must have been asleep or drunk saying she couldn’t call the Representative stupid. Which why can’t she? He is a public servant not royalty.

“I didn’t refer to him as stupid, that’s not what I said. That’s not what I said at all. You didn’t listen to what I said,” Owen said, prompting a shrug from Nadler.

Owens then continued, saying Lieu was “trying to present as if I was launching a defense of Hitler in Germany when, in fact,” she was trying to say that Hitler should not be characterized as a nationalist.

“A nationalist would not kill their own people,” she said.

She said Lieu was trying to “create a narrative” and that it was “similar to what they do to Donald Trump.”

In February, Owens had tried to clarify her comments, which had then gone viral. She explained that she considered Hitler “a homicidal, psychotic maniac” and that her point was that he was not a nationalist. But she added, “I stand by my statements. And that is that.”

President Trump was asked about the exchange before leaving for Texas today and said “I think that’s a terrible thing that they would do that to Candice Owens, she is a wonderful woman, I think that is disgraceful they (Lieu) would do that to her.”

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One Comment to Turning Point USA Candice Owens eats Democrat Ted Lieu’s lunch as he attempts to misrepresent her as a Nazi sympathizer

  1. I encourage people to join me in re-posting a link of the video “Dem Rep Smears Candace Owens” showing Candace Owens making manifest the hypocrisy and fear sweeping throughout the Democratic party of a young black woman with a formidable intellect. Congressman Ted Liew naively took it upon himself to attempt to ambush Candace only to find himself humiliated in front of a national audience by a young lady that is the age of his granddaughters and whose intellect and fiery temper led Kanye West to exclaim “I like the way she thinks.” I’ve admired orientals for the respect they have for their elders, discipline, and work ethic. This is the rare occasion that an oriental – and Democrat – has been stripped bare and exposed to be a corrupt, dishonest, despicable politician. Miss Owens contempt for “loathsome” Democrats has led to entertaining videos of her scorched earth, take no prisoners philosophy when dealing with Democrats. Much respect for Miss Owens, much contempt for Ted Liew. Watch “Candace Owens TORCHES the Democrat Party in front of House Judiciary Committee!!” for a six-minute video that that will haunt the Democrats for years to come!

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