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Bill and Hillary being heckled at speaking event most exciting part



Bill and Hillary began their U.S. speaking tour why they are on a speaking tour nobody knows. Is it to continue to explain why Hillary lost a rigged election? Everybody knows it is because she was a horrible candidate and an extremely unlikable bitch.

Are they on a speaking tour to explain where all of the emails on Hillary’s private server went? Or where the money they stole from their on foundation meant for Haiti went? Or maybe why people who are set to expose them always seem to have heart attacks or commit suicide?

According to the NY Post the event was billed as “a one-of-a-kind conversation with two individuals who have helped shape our world … [and who offer] remarkable insight into where we go from here,” the event simply underscored why Hillary lost: Over-promise, under-deliver, avoid accountability, and expect the masses to nonetheless be satisfied.

A third row ticket in the balcony cost $210 to listen to the Clintons answer lame questions from longtime Clinton associate Paul Begala. Example of the stupid questions below.

Is the two-state solution dead?

What is happening to American politics?

How did it feel to watch the bin Laden raid?

Why are the Dems losing rural voters?

How did you raise such an amazing daughter?

Are you serious? You mean they didn’t ask Bill about cigars or ask Hillary how many times she fell on the way to the event?

The only current event brought up in the conversation was the arrest of Julian Assange which absolutely nobody cares about but Julian Assange and libtards. A protester stood up midway through and added a small amount of excitement.

“Bill, this is boring!” he yelled. As he tried asking his question — “Why don’t you talk about — ” Hillary immediately began talking over him, saying that the “important political conversations” they were trying to have could be difficult, especially when interrupted by such “agent provocateurs.”

“Jeffrey Epstein!” shouted the man.

The protester was quickly escorted out and the crowd was left with the Bill and Hillary droning on and on about how she lost a rigged election and how bad the United States sucks with Trump in charge. They took no questions answered no difficult questions just Bill and Hillary sitting there her in her spacesuit coat and him wishing he was with an intern.

Photo New York Post

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