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Creepy Joe Biden already being savaged on Twitter “His Logo looks like a boob”

biden logo


Creepy Joe Biden just announced today his candidacy for 2020 Democrat nomination after screwing up the announcement Twitter is going nuts over the Biden logo saying it looks like fingers grabbing a boob. Quite telling considering the perverted past of the former (thank God) Vice President.

Twitter followers have a problem with the typeface, color and say the B reminds them of boobs in the Biden logo. Creepy Joe was exposed a couple of weeks ago when Democrats realizing two old dudes himself and Crazy Bernie Sanders are blowing away the rest of the field. Two old white dudes that will be 80 midway through their first term are leading the diversity party. By a long shot.

Where is the fake Indian? Where is Spartacus? The gayest dude ever Mayor Pete is the closest thing to Creepy Joe and Crazy Bernie. And he has yet to stand for anything.

Democrats (the party) can’t stand the thought of creepy Joe Biden being their nominee. That is why a few weeks ago women came out of the woodworks accusing the noted pervert of being a hair sniffing, Eskimo kissing, child fondling creep. The Democrats have known since creepy Joe Biden was just a Delaware Senator that that he enjoyed fondling any woman that got close to him. But it just comes out now. How convenient.

Biden logo

He is not only sick but has no standards, he is sniffing the pant suit queens hair










Novelist Adam Lane Smith weighed in on Twitter  ‘It’s an appropriate logo because the D is being rubbed all over the E, perhaps nonconsensually.’

Presidential daughter in law and 2020 senior Trump campaign adviser has said creepy Joe Biden may be the most ‘sane’ Democrat running. That is not a compliment to Biden as much as an indictment on the rest of the field following Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Crazy Bernie off the loonie train.

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