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Beto O’Rourke compares tough Trump immigration talk to Third Reich

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A week would not be complete without a Democrat comparing Trump to Nazi’s. Robert Francis O’Rourke joined the fray comparing Trump’s immigration policy to the Third Reich of Nazi Germany. In the same week that Representative Ilhan Omar said the Presidents threat to shut the Southern Border was racist. The fake Latino O’Rourke had to keep up with the Socialist Joneses.

Speaking in Iowa, where he will fight his first caucus in February next year, Mr O’Rourke said: ‘Putting kids in cages, saying that Neo-Nazis and Klansmen and white supremacists are “very fine people”?’

‘Now, I might expect someone to describe another human being as an infestation in the Third Reich.

‘I would not expect that in the United States of America.’

The Texas loser and fake Latino said he will avoid using similar rhetoric because “if we descend into that pettiness and meanness and those personal attacks, I’m not sure that we can win.”

He added: ‘Seeking to ban all Muslims, all people of one religion, what other country on the face of the planet does that kind of thing?

‘Or in our human history? Or in the history of the western world? Because they are somehow deficient or violent or a threat to us?’

Please correct me if I have my history wrong but the Jews that were slaughtered by the Nazi’s did not invade their country. Correct?  Hitler and the Nazis hunted them like dogs and rounded them up. They did not come into Germany in caravans holding their I’m a Jew flag?

It is a foolish analogy that Robert Francis O’Rourke and the Democrats are using. Protecting our country from foreign invasion is racism and comparable to the third reich.

If Robert Francis O’Rourke and the Democrats have their way the United States of America will be just another large shithole country. The Democrat field is openly supporting Socialism and the Green New Deal, Universal childcare, Jobs for all, Universal healthcare. All policies that will bankrupt America.

In addition they want unlimited illegal immigration that will turn all of America into San Francisco and Seattle.

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