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Crazy Bernie supporters will vote for Trump if the old Socialist is not Democrat candidate

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According to the Washington Examiner many Bernie supporters will vote for President Trump if the Crazy old Socialist isn’t the Democrat nominee in 2020. Just as they did in 2016. It is Bernie or bust.

After the 2016 election, the Cooperative Congressional Election Study found about 12% of those who voted for Sanders in the Democratic primaries voted for Trump in the general election. There are early signs that Sanders fervor is so strong that this could double in 2020, a development that could hand the White House to Trump for a second term.

An Emerson College poll this month showed 26% of those who support Sanders in the Democratic primaries and caucuses would support Trump over Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., despite their overlapping policy positions.

The Bernie or bust loyalty of Bernie supporters comes from the belief that the old Socialist was screwed by Crooked Hillary in 2016. Which he was.

“If they cheat again, I have told people I will vote for Trump,” Pennsylvania resident and Sanders supporter Keith Ward, 58, told the Washington Examiner. “Not because I like him, but because if this country is going down a slippery slope, they have no one to blame but themselves … [no] matter how much damage I believe Trump is doing.”

Ward voted for Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary and for Green Party candidate Jill Stein in the general election. “I felt I had no choice,” he said, adding that he felt his 2016 vote would send a message. “I’m just not sure the [Democratic] Party heard it.”

Another Sanders supporter expressed a similar sentiment: “If the DNC screws him again, like it’s already looking they will, I’ll stay home on voting day. Hell, I may vote for Trump just to make sure their candidate loses.”

The Trump presidency adds a layer of complication to the “Bernie or bust” mentality.

“We have the ultimate swamp monster in the White House,” Stephen, a 39-year-old Sanders supporter from Massachusetts, told the Washington Examiner. While he said it will be hard to cave to the Democratic Party establishment if it “doesn’t play fair” and Sanders doesn’t win the nomination, he will probably do what Sanders recommends and vote for the Democratic ticket if he thinks the candidate can defeat Trump.

If it is true that Bernie supporters will vote for President Trump if the old Socialist that would give the Boston Bomber prison voting rights. There is no hope for the Democrats in 2020. The candidate in solid second place creepy Joe Biden can’t even make his Presidential announcement correctly Behind him is the gayest dude to ever run Mayor Pete and he hasn’t even stood for anything yet. Pocahontas , Kamala Harris and Spartacus are not going to generate any excitement.

Face it Democrats it is Bernie or bust for you in 2020.

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