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Nancy Pelosi says Omar not mentioned in “watered down” resolution because she “has a different experience in the use of words”

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Nancy Pelosi followed the orders of Alexandria Ocaso-Cortez and once again defended the antisemitic rhetoric of Representative Illhan Omar saying. She has a “different experience with words.”

What the  hell does that mean?

“I don’t think our colleague is anti-Semitic,”  Pelosi said at The Economic Club. “She has a different experience in the use of words, doesn’t understand that some of them are fraught with meaning that she didn’t realize.”

Pelosi and the Democrats have been under fire because of Ilhan Omar and her antisemitic comments. Here is some of her language that has a “different experience”

Omar has commented that Jewish politicians might have “dual loyalties” . Last month on Twitter Omar said  that some members of Congress have been paid by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee to support Israel. In 2012 Omar tweeted that Israel has “hypnotized” the world. 

Omar’s latest antisemitic tweets suggest Jews are buying political support. She tweeted about “the Benjamins baby,” a reference to a song about $100 bills, and AIPAC a pro-Israeli lobbying group. The Jewish Committee Relations Council of Minnesota says the references are clear.

Sounds like the young Jew  hating Muslim has a real different experience than most with the English language.

Nancy Pelosi was forced to support Omar after her boss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came to the aid of the Jew hating Muslim. AOC thinks Omar’s different experience with language is a “learning experience. 

“I think it’s a learning experience, and it’s part of the fact that when we elect the most diverse Democratic caucus that we have in pretty much ever, it means that we have new communities at the table, new conversations that need to be had, and we have to learn how to have conversations differently every time,” the New York Democrat said.

“So I think it’s just part of a learning process that we have as a country, frankly,” she added.

Pelosi doesn’t think the House resolution is watered down even though it did not address antisemitism or Omar.

“I don’t think it watered down anti-Semitic language at all,”  Pelosi said. “It isn’t about anybody who hates anybody, it’s about people who act upon their hatred and that is what we have no place for.”

Nancy Pelosi has her hands full. Because AOC has made it clear she runs the House. And Ilhan Omar is a Muslim. They hate Jews. To tell her not to hate Jews is not going to happen. It is in her DNA.

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