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Greenpeace founder says Green New Deal would lead to an “end of civilization”

end of civilization



Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore is making the rounds telling anyone who will listen that global warming or climate change whatever you want to call it is a complete hoax. He appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox and said the Green New deal would bring about an “end of civilization.”

“Basically, they are opposed to approximately 98.5 percent of all the electricity that we are all using and nearly 100 percent of all the vehicle and transportation and ships and planes that we are using,” Moore told Carlson. “So when I tweeted the other day and had a huge response over 3 million impressions on Twitter, when I said ‘You don’t have a plan to feed 8 billion people without fossil fuels or get the food into the cities where it’s needed. That requires large trucks, and there’s not going to be electric trucks anytime soon hauling 40 tons of food into the supermarkets.”

Moore predicted that if fossil fuels were banned, “agricultural production would collapse” and that starvation would spread in cities across the country, and “half the population would die” shortly after.  He also believed that there would be no more trees on the planet since humans would have to rely on that for fuel and called the banning of airplanes “insanity.”

Moore isn’t the only one that has doubts about the Green New Deal. Nancy Pelosi can’t seem to remember the name of the plan she keeps calling it the Green Dream. But New York City’s mayor Bill deBlasio is doing his best to support the liberal moron AOC. deBlasio just introduced Meatless Monday’s where the cities schools have to eat crappy vegetables to help the environment on Monday’s.

The Greenpeace founder is correct in one respect the United States would be trashed if the plan is implemented. China, Russia the rest of the world will not experience the end of civilization. They will remain the shithole countries they have always been.

source Daily Wire

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