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Michelle Obama rules out 2020 Presidential run wants to empower next generation has another startling revelationg

empower next generation



Former (thank God) first lady and Democrats great hope for 2020 Michelle Obama has ruled out a run for President. Obama being interview by chef and talk show host Rachael Ray responded nope, nope, nope when someone from the audience shouted about her running. Obama said herself and Barack Hussein want to empower next generation.

‘It’s not us occupying the same seats, it’s making room,’ she said, before going on to describe how she would work with her husband to empower the ‘next generation of leaders’.

Former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee endorsed a prediction last year that the former (thank God) first lady would run for President.

‘Now that Michelle Obama has been named “Most Admired Woman” for 2018, it’s time for me to make a prediction for 2019: the former First Lady will toss her hat in the ring for 2020, and she will get her party’s nomination,’ it said.

‘Her PR machine, which has quietly percolated ever since Hillary lost, went full-tilt in September with the November 13 release of her book, Becoming. (One might ask, “Becoming what?” I say, “Becoming a presidential nominee.”)’

The scary thing is if Michelle Obama were to run even with absolutely no qualification other than how to effectively play 100 million dollars worth of vacations she would be a leading Democrat.

Obama made another revelation that the last time she was on Air Force One she cried for a half hour afterwards. Could it be because she had taken her last free vacation?

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