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CNN’s Chris Cuomo politicizes Jeopardy host Alex Trebeks pancreatic cancer



CNN’s Chris Cuomo called on “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek to fight his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis “as you have never fought before.” Cuomo couldn’t help himself by politicizing this extremely personal battle. He pleaded that “in a time that is all about what is keeping us apart”  please Alex, please fight cancer.

And people wonder why Trump calls the press the enemy of the people.

The host of “Cuomo Prime Time” hailed Trebek, 78, after he shared the news of his diagnosis in a video on Wednesday, for being “someone who has always brought America together, literally for decades.”

“I don’t care what your race, color, creed, gender or bank account level, you’ve watched ‘Jeopardy,’” said Cuomo.

“Trebek is a major asset to our culture, not just to the game show. In a time of shallow beliefs and rampant truth abuse in our politics and beyond, every night he makes facts first,” Cuomo added. “We need him, now more than ever. So, Mr. Trebek, fight as you have never fought before.”

It’s no surprise that the network that is responsible for 93% negative coverage against President Trump would try to insinuate that Alex Trebek fighting cancer could help the nation heal from Trump Derangement syndrome. I know, Cuomo did not say that word for word. But his coverage has been littered with this catch phrase about what is keeping us apart. Everyone that watches CNN knows they are referencing Trump when they say that.

I pray that Alex Trebek is able to win this battle. Cancer has touched my family when I had mild skin cancer. More extreme my father has fought a 4 year battle with bladder cancer. So it has nothing to do with politics in my book I just pray he gets the  treatment he needs. It is no wonder CNN viewership is in the tank when Chris Cuomo and the “dumbest man on TV” Don Lemon are their headliners.

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