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Venezuelans fighting to get rid of Socialist Dictator and “Maduro diet” while American Millennials embrace Socialism

Venezuelans fighting



Not sure if you are following the Revolution in Venezuela. Venezuelans fighting against Socialist Dictator Nicholas Maduro. The Venezuelan people are tired of the Maduro diet where they are forced to eat zoo animals and their pets while the Socialist Dictator continues to run what was once South Americas richest country into the ground.

Maduro himself this past fall admitted his failures and the failures of his Socialist model.

“The production models we’ve tried so far have failed, and the responsibility is ours—mine and yours,” Maduro told the PSUV party congress.

Venezuelans fighting now to put in place a new leader.

Juan Guaido of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, turned up the heat by declaring himself interim president before a mass of demonstrators in Caracas. He said it is the only way to end the Maduro “dictatorship” in Venezuela, which has seen millions flee in recent years to escape sky-high inflation and food shortages.

“We know that this will have consequences,” Guaido shouted to the cheering crowd, then slipped away to an unknown location amid speculation that he would soon be arrested.

The United States supports Guaido while Cuba, China Russia, Syria, Iran and Turkey continue to support Maduro. Is it any surprise that mostly failed Socialist states and terrorist support Maduro?

In Venezuela 73% of the population lost over 19 lbs. last year because of starvation. It has become known as the Maduro diet. Venezuelans fighting now are fighting for their freedom. For their right to eat and have fair elections.

This is happening right under the nose of American millennials and they still prefer Socialism to Capitalism. God help America.

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