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Trump’s approval rating soars to 52% Democrats heads have to be exploding

approval rating soars


President Trump’s approval rating soars to 52% in latest Rasmussen Poll. Seriously Democrats heads have to be exploding. They expected him to fall flat on his face in the State of the Union Address. Instead he knocked it out of the park.

After two years of constant news about Robert Mueller busting some low-level Trump campaign personnel with process crimes. After 20 million dollars on the Mueller witch hunt producing indictments on Russians that will never step foot in a U.S. courtroom.

With a mainstream media that has produced 92% negative coverage against President Trump his approval rating is 48%.

approval rating soars

Expect to see more of this in 2020












According to the Daily Mail a senior Democratic House aide was asked what the numbers mean. They said “I don’t know yet if it is horrible, but it sure isn’t good.”

The number is the highest since March 6, 2017 despite the negative news coverage and nearly 2 year Mueller witch hunt.

President Trump’s approval rating soars as Democrats continue to stonewall his border security measures. The President tweeted today “The Democrats do not want us to detain, or send back, criminal aliens! This is a brand new demand. Crazy!

Rush Limbaugh is right Trump is causing the Democrats to commit political suicide. They are not going to be able to contain themselves after they see his approval rating soars once again.

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