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Ralph Northam vows to spend his remaining three hears healing the racial divide, huh, does he mean the divide he created?

racial divide



According to the AP Virginia Governor Ralph Northam vows to serve out his remaining three years in office healing the racial divide in the state.Now that is hilarious. The man who had racist photos from this medical school yearbook where he appeared as either a klansman or in blackface. The man who college classmates say was nicknamed “coonman”. He is going to heal the racial divide.

Oh I forgot. The man who first said he was in the photo but didn’t know which racist character he portrayed. And now says he was not in the pictures and doesn’t know who is. Then Northam admitted that he did once do blackface as a Michael Jackson character and his wife had to stop him from moonwalking at his news conference.

Yes Ralph Northam is going to heal the racial divide in Virginia.

Almost the entire Democrat Party has asked Northam to resign after photos surfaced out of his 1984 Medical School yearbook. Notham remains resolute and says he will not resign.

“It’s obvious from what happened this week that we still have a lot of work to do,” Northam said in the interview, conducted at the governor’s mansion. “There are still some very deep wounds in Virginia, and especially in the area of equity.”

Northam said he planned to work for the rest of his term to address issues stemming from inequality, including improving access to health care, housing, and transportation. He also repeated his contention that he is not the one pictured on his yearbook page in blackface. But he could not explain how it wound up there, or why he had taken responsibility for it.

“I overreacted,” he said. “If I had it to do over again, I would step back and take a deep breath.”

Democrats are ridiculous hypocrites. Ralph Northam is the one that has caused all of the racial uproar. Now he is going to heal the racial divide in his state. He didn’t mention if he was also going to interact on behalf of murdered babies.

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