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Lindsey Graham wants to nail Democrats and put Green New Deal to a vote

Green New Deal



Republicans including Lindsey Graham are eager to let Radical Democrats run on Socialism. Make no mistake about it the Green New Deal as proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and supported by 7 Senators running in 2020 including Cory “Spartacus” Booker who compared it to defeating Nazi Germany is Socialism.

“I would like them to push it as far as they can. I’d like to see it on the floor. I’d like to see them actually have to vote on it,” Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), a senior Appropriator, told POLITICO. “It’s crazy. It’s loony.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), one of Trump’s most vocal champions, echoed that sentiment. “Let’s vote on the Green New Deal!” Graham tweeted Friday. “Americans deserve to see what kind of solutions far-left Democrats are offering to deal with climate change.”

The Green New Deal as proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Senator Ed Markey (MA) is a 14 page nonbinding resolution. It is the United States Democratic party Communist Manifesto. And Lindsey Graham says let them vote on it. Let’s get Democrats on record as supporting Socialism and see how that works for them.

Below are some of the nutty Socialistic ideas of the Democrats in the Green New Deal.

*upgrading all existing buildings” in the country for energy efficiency

*working with farmers “to eliminate pollution and greenhouse gas emissions …Including regulating cow-farts.

*Overhauling transportation systems” to reduce emissions —charging stations everywhere and eliminating air travel and replacing with high-speed rail.

*A guaranteed job “with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations and retirement security” for every American;

*High-quality health care” for all Americans.

I am with Lindsey Graham and Mike Simpson if the Democrats want to run on this lunacy let them vote on it.

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