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Canada tries to give the U.S. warning against Green New Deal and environmentalist Carbon Tax scams

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According to National Review Canada has a warning for stupid Americans looking to embrace Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Green New Deal or environmentalist carbon tax scams.

What is the saying? Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Politicians are the same everywhere. They may come into power with noble goals but it won’t take long and they become crooks. It is universal.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Green New Deal is not a new idea. Environmentalist whacos such as Al Gore and Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown in California have been pushing for carbon taxes for decades. AOC is just the flavor of the month and Universities have created the Millennial generation and the US is ripe for Socialism.

The Climate Leadership Council’s plan — recently backed by 27 Nobel Prize–winning economists and other economic luminaries — calls for a nationwide tax starting at $40 a ton on carbon dioxide emissions, on efficiency grounds. (All figures in U.S. dollars.) It vows that “the majority of American families . . . will benefit financially by receiving more in ‘carbon dividends’ than they pay in increased energy prices.” A tax that pays you sure sounds appealing! But a word of caution: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A decade ago the same promise was made by politicians in Canada.

Back in 2008, the province of British Columbia similarly proposed a carbon tax in the interests of economic efficiency and as a way to reduce greenhouse gases. The government promised that “every dollar raised will be returned to the people of B.C. in the form of lower taxes.” And for the first few years, it was true to its word. Tax revenue from the carbon tax was used to lower personal and corporate income-tax rates — and economists everywhere lauded the concept. A joint study by Duke University and the University of Ottawa declared B.C.’s plan to be “textbook policy.” Then politics happened.

After a few years the BC Government figured out that the carbon tax was having limited political rewards were applied and they started just putting it in the general fund. In other words it became just an additional tax. And this is the end game of those proposing a carbon tax in the United States. Those promoting carbon tax and global warming know it is a farce.  You will notice that they always say the world is going to end in 15-30 years. That is because nobody will remember their lie in 15-30 years.

The examples are all around us of the failed ideas of Socialism. God help the U.S. to take heed.

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