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Representative Luis Gutierrez ashamed of USA storms out of SOTU











Luis Gutierrez, congressman from Illinois, appeared to be triggered during President Trump’s soaring rhetoric during the State of the Union address and fled the House chamber.

Trump praised the Capitol building, calling it a monument to the American people.

As applause broke out, so did chants of “USA! USA! USA!”

Gutierrez left his seat as several Democrats patted him on the arm apparently in consolation

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Gutierrez was apparently so disgusted by the chants of USA,USA, USA and so in love with illegals that he could not sit for the rest of the speech.

The Democratic lawmaker slammed President Trump afterward in a statement, calling him an “outwardly, explicitly racist American president.”

“Even though I disagreed with almost everything he said, for Trump, the speech was clear and well-delivered. Whoever translated it for him from Russian did a good job,” he said.

“I am still hopeful, but I don’t see this Congress and this President coming to an agreement that prevents the deportation of the Dreamers.

People have to wake up and vote Anti-America representatives Luis Gutierrez out of office. It is ok to disagree with the President but at the point you need a safe space when a crowd chants USA you need to go somewhere else to live.

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