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Unemployment at 49 year low, only reason to vote Democrat tired of winning

49 year low



Unemployment reached a 49 year low in September 3.7% being the lowest since 1969. President Trump said the other night in a campaign speech the only reason to vote for Democrats in November is “your tired of winning.”

Some of the things going on in 1969 include the billboard top hit Sugar, Sugar by The Archies. The year 1969 included The Beatles last public performance on the roof of Apple Records, First Concorde test flight is conducted In France, Boeing 747 jumbo jet makes its debut, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am the epitome of the American muscle car is introduced, Woodstock attracts more than 350,000 rock-n-roll fans,

Members of a cult led by Charles Manson murder five people, Chappaquiddick Affair Senator Edward Kennedy, PBS Established, The first man is landed on the moon on the Apollo 11 mission by the United States and Neil Armstrong and Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the Moon.

49 year low

This is what happens to women when they accuse Democrats of sex crimes

President Obama said during his horrendous 8 year run that economic recovery was practically impossible. We should get used to less than 2% GDP it was “the new normal.” He also said there was no magic wand answer to economic recovery. Well I guess Trump has found the magic wand.

President Trump was correct the only reason to vote Democrat in November is you are tired of winning. Democrats have no agenda. Their only agenda is obstructing and avenging their 2016 defeat of the pant suit queen Crooked Hillary. Democrats have already said they will roll back President Trump’s tax cuts. Rest assured they will oppose his new trade policies. Not to mention saddle the country with impeachment hearings.

If you are tired of winning vote Democrat. If you want to see if unemployment can go lower than 49 year low and GDP higher than 4.4% vote Republican. The choice is simple.

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