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Trump Rally Fort Wayne Indiana live vote out Sleepy Joe Donnelly

Ft Wayne


Yesterday I had the opportunity of a lifetime and saw the President of the United States live at his Fort Wayne Indiana rally. It was amazing to see so many people willing to wait in line for hours. Myself I arrived at 11:20 for a 6:30 pm rally and already 2-3,000 people were in line.

At 3:30 the parking lot was closed and the 13,000 seat coliseum  was full. An estimated 6,000 people waited outside that were not able to get in. Senator Todd Young spoke to the crowd, as did Representative Jim Banks. Legendary football coach Lou Holtz  also stumped for Republicans.

President Trump touched on familiar topics, the economy, the caravan, democrats, and encouraged attenders to get out and vote and encourage their families and friends to vote. He pointed out that Joe Donnelly was rated the least effective Senator in the United States Senate “that’s why we call him sleepy Joe.”

Or course there were 3 protest that were quickly taken care of in the rally. Attenders were encouraged to point out the protester and chant Trump. When the President became aware he pointed out the protest for the press and told security “get them the hell out of here.”

Ft. Wayne











Ft. Wayne

I am terrible with selfies but I felt compelled

Ft Wayne











Ft. Wayne

A local Ft. Wayne strip club Showgirls III injected some humor into the Trump visit with a sign welcoming Trump and saying Stormy Daniels isn’t here. Recently a federal judge dismissed the stripper/porn stars defamation suit against the President and in a bit of irony ordered her to pay the Presidents legal fees.

Ft. Wayne

President Trump ended the Ft. Wayne rally as he does others by saying we are going to work, we are going to fight and we are going to win, win, win.

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