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President Trump has perfect response for Michelle Obama new book says she will never forgive President Trump

Michelle Obama


President Trump had the perfect response for Michelle Obama this morning before leaving for Paris. The President was asked about the former (thank GOD) first lady saying she would never forgive Trump for questioning her husbands citizenship.

Trump had the perfect response of course he did not back down. The President said he would never forgive Barack Hussein Obama for what he did to our military.

The President was asked about Michelle Obama’s book. He replied “yea I understand she got paid for a book you make a lot of money for doing that and they expect some controversy. Well I’ll give you some controversy back. I’ll never forgive him for not funding our United States military. everything was old and depleted and I had to come in and fix it.

The former (again Thank GOD) first lady’s book “Becoming” is set for release soon. The Obama’s seem to be having problems with no longer being relevant. The former (thank GOD) President recently tried to match the intensity of President Trump’s rallies and all four of the candidates he supported lost Tuesday.

“Donald Trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family’s safety at risk. And for this I’d never forgive him,” Michelle Obama writes in her forthcoming memoir, “Becoming,” according to The Washington Post.

There are a lot of things that President Trump could have said he will never forgive of Barack Hussein Obama. He could have said he will never forgive Michelle Obama for ruining the school lunch program and taking over 100 million dollars worth of vacations but today he refrained.

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