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Mueller will present findings on Trump Russia Probe, after the midterms, meaning he has absolutely nothing

Trump Russia probe



It’s been a long time since the Trump Russia probe and Mueller investigation was in the news. News cycles were consumed for nearly 3 weeks with the Kavanaugh hearings.

Then along comes Elizabeth Warren with her phony Indian claim and refusing to give up on her 1/1024th American Indian DNA test. Then Stormy Daniels defamation suit against President Trump is thrown out and perhaps the first time in history a hooker has to pay back the client. Trump then gets that story all over the news cycles by calling the porn star/stripper/hooker “horseface” OMG.

Now we are back to the Mueller investigation and Bloomberg is reporting the results of Robert Mueller’s 20 million dollar witch hunt will be revealed. After the mid-terms? This can only mean one thing. Robert Muller has found absolutely nothing.

Two US officials (I wonder if they are the unnamed Senior White House officials in anonymous op-ed) have said Mueller will send his findings to Rod Rosenstein. Since our do nothing Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Trump Russia Probe.

Rosenstein can then decide if he wants to release the results to the public or make recommendations to Congress.

The truth is if there was anything in the Trump Russia probe that was damning to President Trump it would have been released already. The only reason for waiting until after the mid-terms is the Democrat led Mueller group wants to keep the illusion with their radical base of something that can take Trump down.

The Mueller investigation has nothing. For 20 million dollars possibly more we have minor charges of fraud on Michael Cohen Minor 15-year-old charges on Paul Manafort both unrelated to the Trump Russia Probe. And we have the arrest of something like 24 Russians that will never face prosecution in the United States. 

What a colossal waste of time and money.

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