Addressing the elephant in the room

Michael Bennett’s claims of “police brutality” turn out to be false, he ran from cops

police brutality
police brutality

Michael Bennett protesting “police brutality”

Michael Bennett of the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday claimed police brutality, that he had a gun pointed to his head and an officer in Las Vegas said if he moved he would blow his f-ing head off. This is the same Michael Bennett who has participated in the ridiculous NFL protest during the National anthem. Related story NFL a mess, Browns have mass protest, EMS, paramedics and firefighters refuse to hold flag during games

I have said before in tweets and other post that the only reason Bennett and other players get away with their foolishness is that they actually have talent. Colin Kaepernick is still out of work because he has delusions that he is still a starter and last year he sucked miserably, but I digress

Below is the letter released Saturday on Bennett’s twitter account.

police brutality

Today it is being reported that Bennett was not targeted because he is a black man and his life was not threatened while he was doing absolutely nothing wrong. He was in fact running from the police. The elephant in the room is police are not all racist no more than all professional football players are liars.

TMZ sports is reporting today that….when cops responded to the club for a possible shooting, they ordered everyone to get down and not move so they could properly search and investigate.

We’re told Bennett did not stay put-instead, he ran-and a cop outside the club stopped him and ordered him to the ground at gunpoint.

Our sources say Bennett was detained until cops could determine he was not involved in any possible criminal activity…and he was released.

Activist football player, Jim Brown says Kaepernick has to make a choice

While I do not doubt that police brutality exist I maintain that “if you run from the cops they deserve a piece of your ass”. The cops told Bennett to stop and he did not, he ran. This resulted in the cop chasing him and drawing his weapon, he was not targeted for racism.

Michael Bennett, and half of the Cleveland Browns team, and Kaepernick if the Jets quarterbacks suck enough and he finally gets signed can continue their protest. They have the right to be foolish as well as the right to remain silent. But the fact remains most police officers in this country are trying to “serve and protect”. They are low paid public servants doing a very dangerous job and they deserve our respect.

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