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Left Coast Congressional Candidate calls Melania Trump a “Hoebag” and suggest she works by the hour

congressional candidate

The left in this country is completely deranged and simply cannot make a statement anymore without revealing their Godlessness and hatred. An Oregon Congressional candidate has called First Lady Melania Trump the essence of class and grace a “hoebag” and suggested that she works by the hour.

Roberts tweeted: Did you know the First Lady works by the hour? #thinkdirty #h**bag’ in response to someone else’s tweet about Mrs. Trump. He faced immediate backlash and calls for him to be banned from Twitter. Which conservatives have been banned for far less. Roberts did not apologize in fact he doubled down and challenged Melania to sue him for calling her a ‘h**bag.’

Roberts was responding to a tweet by Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk commenting on the First lady’s staff.

The Congressional Candidate  went back and forth with several critics before doubling down on his previous comments about the First Lady saying: ‘You start whipping out $100’s and see how #classy she gets #makeitrain!’

Trump Derangement Syndrome appears to be the only way the left can express themselves today. They cannot debate by the merits of their beliefs because what are their beliefs? Raising taxes to 50% in a thriving economy with 4.1% GDP something Barack Hussein Obama said was impossible. What else does the Liberal left have for debate? Abolish ICE and punish law enforcement. Not a mainstream idea.

Congressional candidate

Does she look like a h**bag?

The left wing Congressional Candidate and the deranged liberals of the country are left to saying F–k Trump like Robert De Niro or calling the First Lady a feckless c–t aka comedian Samantha Bee. Or suggesting that the President and Melania’s son be kidnapped and and put in a cage with pedophiles like Hanoi Jane’s brother Peter Fonda. 

Liberals cannot debate their radical ideas so they are minimized into name calling.

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