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Joe Biden “Republicans don’t want Black folks voting” rips Trump on illegal voting claim

black folks voting

Joe Biden said in a recent interview with Al Sharpton that President Trump does not want black folks voting. The former (thank God) Vice President also  said Sunday that  Trump’s assertion that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election is a “flat lie.”

“It’s a lie,” he told MSNBC host and East Harlem, N.Y. preacher Al Sharpton. “The assertion the president made from the beginning is a flat lie.”

And how does creepy Joe know this for sure when many states do not even require a driver’s license to vote. And if millions did not vote illegally why are the Democrats so in favor of sanctuary  cities?

Biden added that Republicans are trying to disenfranchise minorities by pressing for voter identification laws.

“It’s what these guys are all about, man,” Biden, also a former Delaware senator, said.

“Republicans don’t want working class people voting. They don’t want black folks voting,” he said.

He said that if the Continental Congress was holding its constitutional convention across town today, “70 percent of the Republicans” would vote for an amendment barring people without a college degree from voting.

Biden said voter identification laws would hurt elderly, lower-class people without access to a car, and called for “automatic registration” upon turning 18.

Sharpton also asked about Biden’s 2020 ambitions.

Biden said he hopes that someone else in the Democratic Party will step up to face Trump, adding that he was focused on his family in 2016. Biden recently said he would not run as long as he knew that “somebody was running that could beat Trump.”

The Democrats are quick to accuse President Trump of being a racist. But who has done more for blacks President Trump or Barack Hussein Obama? Did Obama nominate the first African-American woman Brigadier General? The Democrats claim to care about blacks but the entire congressional black caucus sat while President Trump spoke about record low black unemployment.

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton need to just go away.

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