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Jeff Sessions out as Attorney General Trump ask for resignation, Presidential speak for “your fired”

Jeff Sessions



Attorney General Jeff Sessions has resigned at the request of the President. Which is essentially a firing. The President has to be pretty pleased as he has had to have restraint not to detract from the midterms. Now that he has more of a majority in the Senate he can pick hopefully an effective Attorney General.

Rod Rosenstein who should be fired next after Trump has a replacement in place will remain in charge of the failed witch hunt called the Mueller investigation.

Just yesterday Senator Lindsey Graham said what many already knew. Jeff Sessions time would be short after the midterms.

You have to wonder if Senator Lindsey Graham was reading the President’s mind or perhaps he just had the inside scoop.

This is what Graham had to say yesterday regarding Jeff Sessions.

“I think Jeff [Sessions] will step aside after the midterm,” Graham told NBC News.

Jeff Sessions has been possibly one of the least effective Attorney Generals in history. His horrendous reign began with immediately recusing himself from the Mueller investigation which made the guy Rod Rosenstein that essentially started the witch hunt over the investigation. He has been a complete disaster and Trump has shown restraint not firing him already.

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