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Jeb Bush is truly a swamp creature defends Jim Acosta critical of Trump

jeb bush

Jeb Bush is truly a swamp creature. It is no wonder he only got 3 delegates for the 50 million dollars he spent in 2016. That was almost a bigger waste of donor money than Beto O’Rourke.

Jeb Bush like his brother and his late father and mother cannot simply just keep his mouth shut regarding President Trump. His jealousy so consumes him he has to speak out even on something he clearly does not understand.

Today at the Presidential news conference President Trump gave the press all access. Over an hour of questions mostly about topics not including the election which was far from a blue wave.

CNN Jim Acosta decided once again to make a complete ass of himself and the press should know by now President Trump does not suffer fools. Acosta as he often does felt the press briefing was his and his alone. He asked a ridiculous question, the President answered it. He even got a follow-up. When he continued to hound the President Trump told him to give up the mic.

Acosta would not relinquish the microphone and he wrestled with a  female intern for the microphone. The President had enough and this afternoon Acosta had his press credentials revoked.

Jeb Bush should watch the event before criticizing the President. This is not the first time Acosta has made a complete ass of himself. On almost a weekly basis Sarah Sanders has to put a smack down on him. This time he pissed off Trump and got a big time smack down.

And Trump answered the question Acosta hounded Sanders about last week and told Acosta “he is an enemy of the people.” This is what America loves about President Trump. He doesn’t take any crap from anybody.

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