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Ivanka Trump wows the crowd at Ft Wayne rally men shouting I love you Ivanka

ivanka Trump



Ivanka Trump spoke at the Fr. Wayne rally Monday night and the crowd and men in the crowd especially were in love. Several men were heard shouting I love you Ivanka. The overflow crowd of 13,000 with as many as 6,000 that couldn’t get in was full of energy hours before the event.

“I want to introduce three people who probably you’ve heard of, and you know I just left Ohio and I said ‘I will never mention the word beautiful when referring to a woman. I’ll never do it.’ No man in this room will ever again say a woman is beautiful because it’s not politically correct,” Trump said as his crowd obliged him with a chorus of boos. “But I have a daughter who is very smart. Her name is Ivanka and she’s here.”

Citing low unemployment figures, Ivanka Trump, who spoke only briefly, said “it’s never been a better time to be an American worker.”

President Trump has driven home the point of security as a last-minute push for women voters in the mid-terms. Thus the reason for Ivanka, Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway speaking at the Tuesday rallies.

“Women all across the nation are going to show up and vote Republican on Tuesday. They want security. They want safety,” Trump said at a Friday rally in West Virginia. “They don’t want to have these people coming in. They don’t want to have … some of these people are just horrible people. You have to see the crimes they’ve committed.”

It is sad that as President Trump said he no longer calls women beautiful. He was halfway joking but it is a serious matter. Feminism and the #MeToo movement has scared men to death. Look at the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Even this weeks another of the women says she straight up lied about Kavanaugh attacking her.

We cannot call women like Ivanka Trump beautiful anymore because butt ugly feminist women such as Hillary Clinton ruined it with feminism.

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