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Clinton’s have a way of mouthing off when they should exercise right to remain silent, Crooked Hillary has civility advise after receiving pipe bomb

civility advise
  • Crooked Hillary is the last one that should be giving civility advise after receiving a pipe bomb. However it seems like every time the Clinton’s should exercise their right to remain silent they lip off.

Let there be a sex scandal. Some sort of MeToo moment where a guy is a creep. Who is the last person you would think should give a soundbite. Slick Willy or Crooked Hillary right? After all the man got oral sex in the White House and forced Americans to explain to their children what is a Lewinsky daddy?

The past few days have been scary as a series of pipe bombs have been sent to Billionaire Socialist terrorism financier George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Barack Hussein Obama and other Democrats. Some nut job could be a right-winger could be a leftist attempting to impact mid-terms. Nobody knows for sure yet.

Who is one of the first people to lip off about it. Crooked Hillary who just two weeks ago said that civility can be restored in the United States once Democrats win back power. In other words the Democrats are causing the incivility.

In response to the pipe bombs being sent in recent days Crooked Hillary had the below civility advise.

“It’s a troubling time, isn’t it? It’s a time of deep division and we have to do everything we can to bring the country together.”

Now that it got real and she received a pipe bomb “it’s a troubling time.” What did she think was going to happen when she basically says all of the harassing can stop if Democrat would only regain power?

Incivility seemed to be fine with the Democrats when a group of Republican representatives were shot at last year and Steve Scalise was nearly killed. The gunman wanted to kill as many Republicans as possible. Where was crooked Hillary’s civility advise then?

Incivility also seemed to be fine when Maxine Waters, Cory Booker and other Democrats encouraged deranged Democrats to harass Republicans wherever they find them. Targeting Sarah Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump Jr. and others chasing them out of restaurants and harassing in airports. In the case of Trump Jr. sending a suspicious power to his home.

Until the Democrats call of their radical base and quit funding domestic terrorist groups such as Antifa and Black Lives matter. Hillary Clinton, George Soros Jr., Maxine Waters can keep their civility advise to themselves.

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