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Chuck Schumer gives a pitiful denial of voting against a Trump judicial nominee solely on the basis of him being WHITE

  • Chuck Schumer gives a pitiful denial of voting against a Trump judicial nominee solely on the basis of him being white. Chuckie is the poster child for what is wrong in Washington DC. He is a racist and will not admit it. He has used the DACA issue to get votes and cares nothing about the poor little illegals just wants to use them.

Chuck Schumer is Ground Zero of the swamp.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked Schumer about comments he made that seemingly attacked a judicial nominee from President Trump for being white.

“Yeah, that was right-wing radio who never really tells the truth, distorting what I had said,” Schumer answered. “What I said is this — that Barack Obama had nominated, I think as early as 2013, two people for this seat. And our Republican senators from South Carolina blocked them with holding of the blue slip, which has been a tradition.”

“So this seat has been vacant for a long time, the two people nominated were African-Americans, and I said, ‘Now this fella is white, and we need the bench to have real diversity.”

“The president’s record in nominating people of color, even nominating women to the bench, I think the bench should look like America, and I think most Americans agree with that,” he continued. “And the fact they held up two people for so long and now wanted to get their fellow to come in made no sense, and compounding the injury was the lack of diversity on the bench.

Why should a judicial nominee look like America Chuckie? And if you look around especially where you probably live it is probably pretty white. You are a disgrace to Congress and a poster Senator for term limits.

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