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Trump has advice for Obama thug Eric Holder after kicking comment, “Be careful what you are wishing for”

Eric Holder

Eric Holder a the former Attorney General and Obama thug wanted to get in on the mob action at a recent Georgia campaign event.

Holder who has been mentioned as having 2020 Presidential aspirations is trying to be as tough as Spartacus Cory Booker who has told his followers to “get in the face” of Republicans that oppose their radical views.

Eric Holder revised a famous quote by the former first lady as he urged Democrats to be as “tough,” “dedicated” and “committed” as the Republicans are.

“Michelle Obama, I love her. … Michelle always says, “When they go low, we go high,” Holder said as the audience chimed in to repeat the memorable phrase.

“No,” Holder continued. “No, when they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about. “We’re proud as hell to be Democrats. We’re going to fight for the ideals of the Democratic Party.”

“We’re not in this just to make a statement. We’re in this to win,” he added.

Holder later clarified that he’s not encouraging people to do anything violent. Then what was he saying exactly?

“When I say we kick them, I don’t mean we do anything inappropriate, we don’t do anything illegal, but we have to be tough and we have to fight,” he said.

“He better be careful what he’s wishing for that I can tell you, he better be careful what he’s wishing for,” Trump told Fox & Friends. “That’s a disgusting statement for him to make. For him to make a statement like that is a very dangerous statement. You know they talk about us, we are exactly opposite. You know the rallies where they send people. I heard somebody yesterday on your show actually talking about my rallies, and my rallies are really calm and well run and packed with people. We don’t have problems at our rallies.”

Trump also reiterated his assertion that Billionaire George Soros is paying for most of the mob protest.

“They used to send in they don’t do it anymore, they haven’t, maybe they’ll try starting again. But they used to send in protesters, paid protesters….The Democrats and Soros and they came from all over,” Trump said.

Eric Holder had better watch out because Trump does not back down to bullies. The paid mobs do not scare Trump or his supporters. If the Democrats and their paid thug protesters keep kicking back as Eric Holder states some snowflake liberal is going to get hurt.

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